Visit the Vernon Community Arts Centre and take a class

Learn a craft


Write a story or poem

Ride a horse

Walk your dog

Go bowling at Lincoln Lanes 

Build a sand castle at the beach

Ride a bike

Visit Polson Park, the water park and Japanese Garden

Visit Atlantis Waterslides 

Walk in the rain

Fly a frisbee

Visit Rose’s Pond to birdwatch

Skateboard and or rollerblade

Create a scrapbook

Play Hide and Seek

U-pick fruit at our local orchards

Play soccer outdoors or indoors 

Explore the downtown Vernon murals

Run a lemonade stand with proceeds to your favorite charity

Visit Davidson Orchards

Visit the Historic O’Keefe Ranch

Organize a treasure hunt

Give your dog a bath

Go fishing

Play tag

Visit the Okanagan Science Centre 

Make a video of your neighborhood

Colour or paint a picture

In 2019 we are
Celebrating Play 100 ways! 

Dig some worms

Swim at the Peanut Pool at Lakeview Park 

Swim at the Lavington Outdoor Pool

Visit a bookstore

Watch ants on the march

Go BMX riding at Vernon BMX

Play baseball or catch

Play with a hoola-hoop

Have a picnic

Kayak, snorkel, stand up paddle board at the lake

Hug your family


Swing on a swing or tree swing

Play beach volleyball

Make an obstacle course 

Play a musical instrument

Hike in a local park. Ellison, Kalamalka, Silver Star Park

Make a new friend at your neighborhood park or school

Shoot hoops at your neighborhood basketball court

Take photos

Visit the Vernon Museum 

Walk the Grey Canal Historic Trail

Ride Silver Star bike park

Take in community theatre production

Play bocce or volleyball at Sovereign Park

Play backyard golf

Play table tennis

Have a rubber ducky race at the lake

Cook a snack or treat

Put on a skit

Learn a new sport

Swing on the monkey bars at your local park

Explore the bug life underneath a log

Visit Allan Brooks Nature Centre Visit

Visit the Vernon Public Art Gallery

Visit the Regional Library

Play "Capture The Flag"

Skip with a skipping rope

Stretch with yoga

Visit the Caetani Cultural Centre 

Build a fort

Visit Mackie Lake House

Play tug of war

Swim in a local lake

Swim at the rec centre pool

Bike or walk the Okanagan Rail Trail

Visit a Farmers Market

Play badminton

Visit Planet Bee

Grow a garden

Fly a kite

Read a book

Walk, run, or skip the track at Greater Vernon Athletic Park

Walk Swan Lake Nature Reserve Park to bird watch

Hug and climb a tree

Plant a tree

Play hopscotch

Go bird watching and create a log

Play tennis at your neighborhood tennis court