Have a rubber ducky race at the lake

Visit Planet Bee

U-pick fruit at our local orchards

Play soccer outdoors or indoors 

Visit Polson Park, the water park and Japanese Garden

Organize a treasure hunt

Give your dog a bath

Go BMX riding at Vernon BMX

Walk in the rain

Play with a hoola-hoop

Play tag

Fly a frisbee

Skateboard and or rollerblade

Hug your family

Create a scrapbook


Play Hide and Seek

Swing on the monkey bars at your local park

Walk the Grey Canal Historic Trail

Play tennis at your neighborhood tennis court

Hug and climb a tree

Visit the Historic O’Keefe Ranch

Visit a bookstore

Watch ants on the march

Ride a bike

Play baseball or catch

Visit Atlantis Waterslides 

Have a picnic

Go fishing

Visit Rose’s Pond to birdwatch

Kayak, snorkel, stand up paddle board at the lake

Visit the Okanagan Science Centre 

Make a video of your neighborhood

Colour or paint a picture

Fly a kite

Make an obstacle course 

Run a lemonade stand with proceeds to your favorite charity

Go bowling at Lincoln Lanes 

Visit Davidson Orchards


Visit the Vernon Community Arts Centre and take a class

Put on a skit

Learn a new sport

Read a book

Walk your dog

Take in community theatre production

Visit the Caetani Cultural Centre 

Build a fort

Play tug of war

Ride a horse

Shoot hoops at your neighborhood basketball court

Visit a Farmers Market

Take photos

Explore the bug life underneath a log

Make a new friend at your neighborhood park or school

Stretch with yoga

Swim at the rec centre pool

Bike or walk the Okanagan Rail Trail

Play a musical instrument

Play "Capture The Flag"

Explore the downtown Vernon murals

Swim at the Lavington Outdoor Pool

Cook a snack or treat

Learn a craft


Go bird watching and create a log

Walk Swan Lake Nature Reserve Park to bird watch

Skip with a skipping rope

Swim at the Peanut Pool at Lakeview Park 

Visit Allan Brooks Nature Centre Visit

Write a story or poem

Swing on a swing or tree swing

Visit the Vernon Public Art Gallery

Visit the Regional Library

Hike in a local park. Ellison, Kalamalka, Silver Star Park

Dig some worms

Build a sand castle at the beach

Grow a garden

Walk, run, or skip the track at Greater Vernon Athletic Park

Visit the Vernon Museum 

In 2019 we are
Celebrating Play 100 ways! 

Swim in a local lake

Play beach volleyball

Play table tennis

Ride Silver Star bike park

Plant a tree

Play backyard golf

Play badminton

Play bocce or volleyball at Sovereign Park

Visit Mackie Lake House

Play hopscotch